zion-g-370x289x72Blackman Meeting House

The religious and social center of Bargaintown was Blackman’s Meeting House built in 1764 by the Presbyterian residents and the special efforts of John Brainard, a patriot of the Revolution. After 1789, Methodists shared the building and in 1814 purchased it.  Needing more space for a growing congregation, a brick building was erected in 1822 close to the original meetinghouse. 


$1525.95 was pledged to the building fund, which seems ridiculously low,

but so were the invoices tendered:

Digging well 18 ft. deep…..$6.50

Laying 54,050 brick…..$135.12 1/2

Painting and glazing 364 lights…..$18.00

Two bundles of lath…..$ .20

3355 feet of frame stull  $31.87

500 feet of 5/8 cedar boards  $7.50

Carting 13,600 brick  $8.50

Two days work painting  $1.50


(source, “Sketches of Egg Harbor Township; Bargaintown” by Beryl D. Mason)